Your Journey with ExploreAbility

Our approach to Occupational Therapy begins with our core belief that every person's Ability deserves to be Explored. Everyone has inherent worth, value, and the right to belong. We offer services, support, and resources to help Explore, Engage, and Enhance the lives of the children and families that we serve.

EXPLORE: Getting to know your child and family through listening and connecting with what is important to you. Then, we can explore the strengths and challenges in your everyday life together. 

ENGAGE: Supporting, coaching and helping your child and family to engage in all of the environments that you.

ENHANCE: Finding the ways to bring wellness, ease and improvement to your everyday lives. 

We provide neurodiversity-affirming care and support for children and youth. We take a strengths-based approach, first looking at where your child and family are and your interests and unique needs.

ExploreAbility Occupational Therapy 

ExploreAbility can assess skills using both formal testing and informal observations and then determine a specific and unique intervention. This can cover the following areas:

Occupational Therapy is provided at home, in community settings or virtually. Working with families in their natural and typical environment where they feel most safe and comfortable is essential. Intervention is based on your goals and priorities for your child and family. Through play and various activities, we work with you and your child to develop skills and solutions to achieve your goals.  

Coaching and Workshops 

It is vital for parents and caregivers to feel supported as they care for their children. Our focus is on understanding the nervous system to help change and support behaviour and responses. Our approach is founded on relational neuroscience and helps to explain the complexities of this simply and functionally. Safety and connection are the foundation for all human functioning, and we strive to help people understand this. 

We have provided virtual coaching sessions and professional development in schools and day care settings, as well as participated in parent support groups. 

We provide parent coaching to help you understand and navigate daily life for your family. We also provide training and workshops for educators, healthcare professionals, and and private groups that can help educate and advocate for the neurodiversity population. 

Environmental Adaptations 

We believe that the environments we live in are play a vital role in our wellness and daily success.

 Services can include:

We provide support and resources to make your home and community environments as supportive as possible for your everyday life.

Resources and community updates

Nicole MacLean Owner/ Occupational Therapist 

Nicole has been an occupational therapist for 25 years. She is also the mother of two amazing kids, an educator, and a mentor for aspiring OTs. Nicole graduated from Queens University in Kingston, ON, in 1997. Her passion for children and youth began at a young age when she worked at specialized camps for people with disabilities. She continued to follow her passions and never wavered from the calling in her life to help children with special needs and their families navigate the complexities and challenges and the joys of living and thriving.

As a pediatric OT, Nicole has spent her care working with children in a clinical and educational environment. During that time, Nicole supported teachers and children in adapting and developing in their schools and classrooms. Over the past few years, Nicole has seen the need to support children not just in their school environment but also in their home environment. Helping the whole family navigate the joys and challenges of life is the foundation for a child's success.

Nicole also has a passion for the outdoors and nature. She believes that nature can be a catalyst for discovery, sensory processing, regulation, and family fun. Nicole sees the importance of using our natural surroundings to build on strengths, explore needs, and develop skills for children and their families.

For all children, feeling safe and connected in their home is essential, and often, families need help to navigate this. Nicole specializes in supporting children who are neurodiverse, have delays in their motor development, and have challenges with sensory and emotional regulation. She takes a strengths-based and holistic approach with children and their families.

What our families say about ExploreAbility

“Nicole is thoughtful, proactive and caring in her approach. Her compassion only surpasses her patience, and she has been fundamental to discovering and supporting our kiddo’s needs. We are incredibly grateful to have Nicole on our team.” Marlena S- Mom

"Nicole has been working with my daughter for a few years now. She always comes up with new and fun ways to keep my daughter engaged. We have appreciated all of Nicole's preparation for our sessions and her constructive feedback."          John P- Dad

"I appreciate that Nicole values parents as the experts on their children while bringing new information and strategies for us to experiment with. She knows each child is unique and works with them while celebrating their gifts."  Sacha M- Mom

"Nicole is an innovative, tactful and progressive-thinking therapist who takes her lead and guidance from my daughter. She is a very kind, receptive listener, approaching the whole child with humour and joy. It is apparent that Nicole is highly motivated to ask intentional questions and is an ambitious lifelong learner as a therapist."Johanna W- Mom

"Working with Nicole has been life-changing for our autistic daughter and our family. She provides great care and expertise, intellectual honesty and empathy. She makes my daughter feel safe and happy and creates a real bond that enables them to work together on challenging issues peacefully and often through laughter. We feel privileged to have her as our OT and highly recommend her to any family looking for an OT." Cyrielle F- Mom


We provide a free 20-minute consultation call for families to discuss your needs.

We are currently accepting clients and families for assessment and private pay services. 

Please reach out via email to: nicole@exploreability.ca or call (403)618-9559